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Freedom Camping – Self Containment

All our vehicles are currently certified self contained. This gives you much for freedom and flexibility about where you chose to camp.

Essentially, a self-contained van or any similar vehicle is one equipped to store enough water for three consecutive days, along with provisions for managing wastewater and toilet needs. Additionally, the van must adhere to Self-containment regulations, which in New Zealand are specified under certification NZS 5465. This certification sticker must be prominently displayed for the van to be permitted for camping within the country.

Where can I camp in New Zealand?

Campgrounds and Holiday Parks

Holiday parks usually offer both powered and non-powered sites. They also often provide access to power points and amenities such as kitchens, laundry machines, showers, dump stations and rubbish storage. Campgrounds usually provide non-powered sites and offer a more natural experience.

DOC Campsites

There are over 250 designated campsites in New Zealand managed by the Department of Conservation (DOC). These sites, often operated on a trust basis, but sometimes require booking, welcome vans and provide basic facilities at reasonable price or free.

Freedom Camping

Freedom camping allows you to park your campervan wherever you choose for the night. However, it’s important to note that this option is not freely available throughout New Zealand. Many areas, such as private paddocks and open spaces, require permission from the landowner or the regional council to park legally. You should always check the regional council rules on Freedom Camping before stopping for the night or you could risk a $200 fine.

Exploring New Zealand by Campervan
Camping across New Zealand offers a fun and adventurous experience. Campervans provide flexibility and freedom and it’s arguably the best way to explore the country and all it has to offer. Enjoy the freedom and excitement of camping while immersing yourself in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand.