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Weekend Getaways

Welcome to Weekend Campervan Adventures
Escape the daily grind and embark on a journey of discovery with our curated weekend campervan itineraries. Set off on a road trip filled with breathtaking scenery, charming towns, and endless possibilities right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a first-time adventurer, our handpicked routes promise to ignite your sense of wanderlust and leave you with memories to cherish. These trips are based on a long weekend of Friday – Sunday.

1. Discover Wellington: A Weekend Escape to New Zealand’s Vibrant Capital City

Embark on a weekend getaway to Wellington, New Zealand’s vibrant capital city. Explore eclectic Cuba Street, visit Te Papa, and ride the iconic cable car for panoramic views. Indulge in culinary delights and immerse yourself in the city’s rich culture.

View itinerary here:

Day 1: Arrival in Wellington

  • Depart Palmerston North and drive to Wellington.
  • Explore the Wellington waterfront area.
  • Visit Te Papa, the national museum of New Zealand.
  • Enjoy dinner at one of Wellington’s popular restaurants or cafes.

Day 2: Wellington City Exploration

  • Take a ride on the Wellington Cable Car for panoramic views.
  • Visit the Wellington Botanic Garden and enjoy a leisurely stroll.
  • Explore Cuba Street and its eclectic mix of shops, cafes, and street art.

Day 3: Wellington Departure

  • Visit the Weta Workshop for a behind-the-scenes look at movie-making magic.
  • Explore Zealandia Eco-sanctuary for a unique wildlife experience.
  • Depart Wellington and return to Palmerston North.

2. Escape to Hawke’s Bay: A Weekend of Wine, Art Deco, and Coastal Beauty

Savor a weekend in Hawke’s Bay, renowned for its wineries and art deco architecture. Taste exquisite wines, stroll through Napier’s art deco streets, and unwind on picturesque beaches. Experience the best of culture and nature in this captivating region.

View itinerary here:

Day 1: Arrival in Hawke’s Bay

  • Depart Palmerston North and drive to Napier or Hastings in Hawke’s Bay.
  • Visit wineries for wine tasting and cellar door experiences.
  • Explore Napier’s vibrant art deco architecture with a walking tour from the iSite.
  • Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant overlooking the waterfront.

Day 2: Hawke’s Bay Exploration

  • Take a scenic drive along the Hawke’s Bay coastline.
  • Visit Cape Kidnappers and take a guided tour to see the gannet colony.
  • Visit more wineries in areas like Havelock North or Bridge Pa.
  • Explore the Farmers’ Market for local produce and artisanal goods.

Day 3: Hawke’s Bay Departure

  • Visit the Hawke’s Bay MTG (Museum, Theatre, Gallery) for cultural insights.
  • Or take a trip to the National Aquarium.
  • Explore the shops and galleries in Havelock North and Napier.
  • Depart Hawke’s Bay and return to Palmerston North.

3. Taranaki Adventures: A Weekend of Mountaineering, Art, and Coastal Charm

Embark on a weekend adventure in Taranaki, home to Mount Taranaki and vibrant New Plymouth. Hike majestic trails, explore contemporary art at the Len Lye Centre, and relax along the stunning coastline. Experience the magic of Taranaki!

View itinerary here:

Day 1: Arrival in Taranaki

  • Depart Palmerston North and drive to New Plymouth.
  • Explore Pukekura Park, visit their free zoo!
  • Visit the iconic Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre.
  • Enjoy dinner at a restaurant overlooking the New Plymouth waterfront.

Day 2: Taranaki Exploration

  • Drive into Egmont National Park and head up the mountain to explore some of the many trails.
  • Visit the Tawhiti Museum for a unique cultural experience.

Day 3: Taranaki Departure

  • Explore the coastal town of Oakura, climb Paritutu Rock, or wander along a beautiful beach.
  • Enjoy a walk along the Coastal Walkway and hopefully see views of Mount Taranaki through Te Rewa Rewa Bridge arch.
  • Depart Taranaki and return to Palmerston North.

4. Tongariro Majesty: A Weekend Among Volcanoes and Alpine Wonders

Experience a weekend in Tongariro National Park, where volcanic peaks and breathtaking trails await. Hike the iconic Tongariro Alpine Crossing, soak in stunning vistas, and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

View itinerary here:

Day 1: Arrival in Tongariro National Park

  • Depart Palmerston North and drive to Tongariro National Park.
  • Explore the Whakapapa Village area and visit the Whakapapa Visitor Centre.
  • Stretch your legs with a short hike on one of the nearby trails.
  • Set up camp at the DOC campground or in a holiday park.

Day 2: Tongariro Alpine Crossing (7-8 hour hike)

  • Wake up early and have breakfast in your campervan before starting the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
  • Pack plenty of water, snacks, and weather-appropriate gear for the hike.
  • Use a pre-booked shuttle service to get you to the start of the walk and pick you up at the end.
  • Enjoy the awe-inspiring volcanic landscapes and stunning views along the trail.
  • Complete the hike and return to your campervan for a well-deserved rest.

Day 3: Explore More of Tongariro National Park

  • Explore one of the shorter walks such as Tawhai Falls (Gollum’s Pool) or a 2 hour loop to Taranaki Falls or 2.5 hour loop on the Silica Rapids Track. The Whakapapa visitor centre can give lots of options and maps.
  • Enjoy lunch in a scenic spot within the park.
  • Pack up your campervan and begin the journey back to Palmerston North.

5. Castlepoint Charms: Magnificent Lighthouse and Scenic Beaches

Embark on a 3-day road trip from Palmerston North to Castlepoint and back, immersing yourself in coastal beauty and outdoor adventures. Explore Castlepoint Beach, hike along the rugged coastline, and relax in scenic campsites for an unforgettable escape.

View itinerary here:

Day 1: Palmerston North to Castlepoint

  • Depart Palmerston North and drive to Castlepoint.
  • Arrive at Castlepoint and explore Castlepoint Beach and Lighthouse.
  • Set up camp at the Castlepoint Holiday Park or freedom in the carpark at the end of the road.

Day 2: Castlepoint Exploration

  • Wake up early to catch the sunrise over Castlepoint Beach.
  • Take a hike along the Deliverance Cove Track for stunning coastal views.
  • Spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach, swimming, or fishing.

Day 3: Return to Palmerston North

  • Take a last stroll along Castlepoint Beach.
  • Depart Castlepoint and begin your journey back to Palmerston North.
  • Optional stops in Masterton and the Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre on the way back to see native birds and wildlife up close.